Winter Cooking Classes Now Open!

Winter Cooking Classes Now Open!

January 20, 2011 Blog Cooking Classes Featured

2011 Winter Cooking Class Series

  • All classes are 3 1/2 to 4 hours.

  • We will be serving wine from the region of Italy we are exploring.

  • We are taking a trip to Italy and we would love for you to join us!

First Stop: Parma in the Emilia Romagna Region

When: Feb 1, 2010 at 6:30pm (Tuesday)


Most famous for Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano and the best Traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. Also asiago cheese which is the second most famous cheese in Italy after Parmigiano Reggiano. While traveling through the region, in Bolonia you will find the most wonderful mortedella you have ever tasted. Join us for a taste of Parma!


  • Prawns Alla Bolognese – Prawns with proscuitto in a light tomato sauce
  • Crocchette di Parma – Potatoes balls stuffed with a surprise then rolled in Italian seasoned bread crumbs and egg then fried to a golden brown.
  • Pasta Con Polpette de Parma – Pasta with veal and mortetella meatballs in a fresh pomodora sauce.
  • Chicken Involtini Parma – Chicken breast stuffed with Proscuitto and asiago cheese in a white wine mushroom sauce.
  • Sweet Raviole Bolognesi – Sugar cookies from Parma toped with marmalade

Stuffed Dough from Around the World

When: Feb 5, 2011 at 12:00pm to 4:00pm (Saturday)


This one is just for the fun of it. How many ways can we stuff it…

From the beginning of time people have been making dough and stuffing it with goodness. Every nationality seems to have it’s own version. In this class we are going to explore some of my favorites. Come ready to get your hands in the flour!


  • Pork filled steamed Dumplings from China with a plum dipping sauce
  • Thai curry pan-fried dumplings with a spicy dipping sauce
  • Classic cheese Ravioli in a fresh marinara sauce
  • Russian Pelmeni in broth – Russian dumplings: small portions of ground meat and onion wrapped in dough
  • Empanadas-Fried beef and olive Stuffed Dough from Cuba served with a pigue sauce

Second Stop: Venezia in the Veneto Region

When: Feb 14, 2011 at  6:30pm (Monday)


Join us for a romantic special Venetian Valentines Day menu.

Venetian’s have a unique style of cooking seafood, with strong Austrian and Slavic influences. We have selected some of our favorites to bring you into the world of a city built on the water. Picture yourself on a condola being serenaded while passing through the great canals of Venice. You are let off at a small café and served this delicious meal. You fall in love all over again…


  • Dates wrapped in bacon and fried until golden (you will be feeding these to each other like candy)
  • Capesante alla veneziana – Venetian Scallops
  • caparossoli in cassopipa – Clams with parsley
  • radicchio veneziano – grilled radicchio with white raisins in an I love you, honey vinaigrette
  • Champagne Risotto with Mushrooms – This champagne risotto is almost ethereal the two of you will love it
  • Pesce Bianco – Seasonal white fish baked in a creamy lemoncello sauce
  • Chocolate Caromello – Cream Carmel topped with a decadent chocolate sauce, whipped cream, shaved chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.

Third Stop: Roma in the Lazio Region

When: March 3, 2011 at 6:30pm (Thursday)


The typical Roman food has its roots in the past and reflects the old traditions in most of its offerings. It is based on fresh vegetables, not expensive cuts of meats, and cooking with herbs and hot chilli pepper. It also consists of deep fried, tasty appetizers and sharp “pecorino cheese” (made from sheep’s milk from the nearby countryside), a very important ingredient in many recipes. In this class Chef Vitorrio who is from Rome will lead us through this amazing region and it’s rich food history.


  • Arugula alla romana – Baby arugula, grape tomatoes and shaved Parmigiano Regiano in a balsamic vinaigrette served with a Crostinni Formaggio (Slice of Italian bread topped with Fontina cheese then baked)
  • Zucchine Fritte – Zucchini, deep fried in a favorite Roman light batter
  • Spaghetti alla Carbonara – A famous spaghetti served in a sauce whose main ingredients are eggs, “guanciale”( bacon ), black pepper and pecorino cheese.
  • Salti In Bocca alla Romana – Scaloppina of veal topped with prociutto and sage, a clasic!
  • Tiramisu – A cool, refreshing Italian dessert that once tasted, leaves an indelible impression on you.

Fourth Stop: Villa San Giovanni in the Calabria Region

When: March 10, 2011 6:30pm (Thursday)


Calabria is a major supplier of olive oils. Certain forest areas are noted for porcini mushrooms. If you enjoy Earl Grey tea, you might be surprised to learn that the citrus Bergamot (Bergamotto di Reggio Calabria) hails from Calabria. The most important cheese is Caciocavallo Silano, from cow’s milk. The deli’s in Calabria are noted for their meats such as capocollo, pancetta and soppressata similar to a hard salami. Don’t get me started on the breads…mmmmm


  • Frittata mad with last night’s left over spaghetti and ingredients we find in the fridge.
  • Croquettes of rice and fish fried in olive oil then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil
  • Baked macaroni with Caciocavallo cheese, sopressata or smoked capocollo
  • Bucatini Dominican – pasta with porcini mushrooms tossed with herb breadcrumbs and anchovies
  • Lamb alla Silana Calabrese – Lamb braised in the oven and served with crusty Italian bread

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