Lobo Castle History

lobo castle before and after

The Birth of Lobo Castle

Denise Antico-Donlon has always been fascinated with all things medieval. ““After a trip to Scotland and visiting many castles and stone circle,” she says, “I started dreaming of building a castle of my own.””

She wants to have a place where her family can come and stay. Her family is from a small hill town in the Naples region of Italia. They all have hillside gardens and make their own wine and lemon cello.

The Donlon property is nestled in Lobo, east of Calabasas. “It feels like home,” she continues.” I believe it was fate for me to live here and build my dream home.”

“Back in the medieval and Jacobean times, the lord of the manor would invite their guests to stay for festivities that could last through the weekend or last for a week. I want my family and friends to feel that our castle is their castle.

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Detailed Q&A with owner Denise Donlon on Lobo Castle Build

The Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Lobo Castle